Plant Bundle

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Entirely green, our Plant Bundle brings you a complete super-stack of Plant Based supplements to fit your lifestyle and crush your goals.

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Plant Bundle
Plant Bundle
Plant Bundle
Plant Bundle
Plant Bundle
Plant Bundle



KETO Friendly, Paleo Friendly, non-GMO
16g of Organic Plant Protein
Only 2g of Carbohydrates

The secret lies in our formula's simplicity. Instead of a laundry list of trace ingredients, we use the two best types of plant protein: Organic Rice Protein and Organic Pea Protein.Then we couple that with 4 of the best superfoods: Organic Goji Berry, Organic Camu Camu, Organic Maca and Maqui Berry Powder to give a well-balanced nutritional profile.


100mg of naturally occurring caffeine
Mix of carbohydrates and MCT to fuel your training

Each serving contains 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine from Green Tea and Yerba Mate. Together these two ingredients help increase aerobic & anaerobic capacity while energizing your training and keeping you focused in the zone.


60 Liquid Capsules
22 Essential Vitamins

Our comprehensive blend of 42 fruits and veggies combined with 22 essential vitamins was designed as a one stop shop to support your immune and cardiovascular systems while also supporting heart and organ health, improving energy levels, decreasing inflammation, and so much more.


60 Veggie Capsules
7 Strains of Probiotics including Soil Based Organisms

Our GUT Health contains 7 strain spore forming probiotics from soil based organisms that specifically work to seed and sprout healthy bacteria in your microbiome to support healthy gut flora, boost the immune system, improve digestion, and utilize body functions.

Zero artificial flavoring, colors or sweeteners
Gluten-free, Soy-free


100% plant based protein helps to build lean muscle mass, shorten recovery time, and increase lean protein intake.

PRE has an ample number of benefits to improve your athletic performance. PRE provides clean, natural energy to increase endurance, improve mental clarity, increase metabolic functions, enhance physical capacity, and increase time to fatigue.

Gut Health supports healthy gut flora, improves digestion and nutrient absorption, and supports your immune system.

Multi gives you 15 essential vitamins and minerals to improve you athletic performance, increase energy, support your cardiovascular system, and strengthen your immune system.

1-2 servings per day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Don’t leave home without it

I’m a 37 year old civil/infrastructure construction worker, father of 4 and surfer. I Have one of the most physically demanding jobs and love to surf (not the kine just paddle out and enjoy the salt water, I’m talking about catching wave after wave). I used the post for a whole years ago and loved it. With summer coming up and allowing a lot more sunlight to surf after work, I knew I wanted to add some supplements to my daily life and I took two factors into consideration. 1) does it work? And
2)Does it taste good? Hell yeah to both those questions!!! All ATH products taste good and definitely work.

That's what we like to hear Terry, glad we can help you keep grinding.

Great products with real simple ingredients

I purchased the plant bundle to try and add some supplements into my daily workouts. I was recommended ATH by a co worker and am super stoked on it. I like how the ingredients are all real and natural. It is hard to get into supplements when everything in them is super processed and not good for you. I like the plant based protein and pre workout formulas. Look forward to trying the whey in the future.

We're stoked you tried us out Dylan! Let your co worker know we said thanks for the recommendation!

Good product over all

I’m still waiting for my plant protein but the other products are very good. I like the taste. I do paddle a lot and it def helps me recover faster and specially for those long paddle days.

Stoked you're liking what you got so far Johnny, Plant Protein is on the way!

Excellent Products

Since developing stomach issues within the past few years, I've had to switch supplement brands. After extensive trial an error with other products, ath Organics has the best products for my situation. I was hesitant to go all organic, but there seems to be no decreased performance at all. If fact, I feel stronger and more energetic and the products taste great. Excellent products! Mahalo

This made our day! Thanks for giving us a shot Chaz!

good stuff

The plant starter is on point with flavor and quality. It helps build the foundation for what you need.

LFG Matthew! Stoked you found us.


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