Our mission is to fuel greatness using the most nutrient-dense and minimally processed ingredients, derived from real foods.

EST. 2012

ATH (ay - ti - eich n.) is the abbreviated version of "athletics," paying homage to our sports nutrition roots.

Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, the brand is the offspring of my three passions → jiu-jitsu • surfing • lifting. From the ocean, to the mats, to the gym -- I couldn't eat like sh%t and expect to perform at my best.

I started filling in nutritional gaps through supplements, but conventional supplements were (and still are) packed with a long list of artificial sweeteners, colors and ingredients derived from chemicals. Frustrated, I knew that there had to be a better way to fuel athletes who cared about what they were putting into their body but still demanded performance. The mission to build healthier athletes and fuel greatness was born.

I realized our connection to our food was lost and supplement companies thrived on obscure supply chains. Supply chain transparency was a foreign word to the industry. I demanded to know where each ingredient was coming from and insisted on ingredients that were derived from plants and animals instead of chemicals. For example, instead of using the synthetically derived caffeine anhydrous we use Yerba Mate and Green Tea in our PRE. Nutrient-dense ingredients that were as minimally processed as possible and outperformed conventional supplements.

We worked hand-in-hand with our suppliers for full transparency into the supply chain and the manufacturing process. If we couldn't pronounce the ingredient, or if it was synthetically derived, we threw it out. We sourced ingredients like our grass-fed whey from U.S. pasture-raised cows that are growth-hormone free and processed using a cold filtration process to maximize nutrient pass-through. Supporting our American farmers and bringing American jobs back to America.

In a crowded sport supplement space where every product is a copycat chock full of chemicals, we went the opposite direction. We created products that were truly different than anything else on the market.

Since then, we made it our mission to fuel greatness using the most nutrient-dense and minimally processed ingredients, derived from real foods

Stuart Kam

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I have tried countless preworkouts, BCAAs, protein powder, etc. ATH beats them all! Tastes amazing and it works! Lifelong customer from here on out

Rochelle M.

I have been using ATH products for quite sometime now and they have not disappoint. From their quick response on customer service with any questions; to their ingredients they use on every product, ATH products have given me the results I need for my fitness goals without using harmful ingredients. Thank you again ATH team.

Juan P.