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Our best-selling PRE OG, now comes in two flavors! Strawberry Shave Ice and Blue Raz! Plant-based and naturally caffeinated, PRE OG will energize your workouts, increase endurance, and improve mental focus. Formulated with the best natural ingredients to drive your training and help you reach your goals.

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Product Overview

ATH has taken an entirely different approach to the traditional high stimulant based PRE workouts on the market. Our kind of athlete has a different set of needs. They need to fuel their training, increase work capacity, and be able to perform at a high output over a long duration of time.

Enter our plant-based natural pre workout. Each serving contains 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine from Green Tea and Yerba Mate. Together these two ingredients help increase aerobic & anaerobic capacity while energizing your training and keeping you focused in the zone.

In addition to Yerba Mate and Green Tea, we’ve combined the powerful effects of Rhodiola and Panax Ginseng, traditionally used in herbal medicine, to enhance physical capacity and increase your time to fatigue.

To fuel your training, we’ve included high glycemic organic sugar cane for instant energy, your muscle's preferred energy source. Check out our MCT version here!

Finally, we’ve added a blend of Turmeric and Devil’s claw to support your joints and reduce inflammation caused by high intensity exercise. These two powerful ingredients contain beneficial antioxidants to help you get a head start on your recovery process to come back stronger.

100mg of naturally occurring caffeine
Zero artificial flavoring, colors or sweeteners
Plant-based, non-GMO

Lab Results


PRE OG naturally energizes workouts, increases endurance, improves mental clarity, and provides clean, sustained energy to help you power through your workouts.

We recommend mixing 1 scoop of PRE OG with 8-10oz. of ice cold water in your shaker 20-30 minutes before training.

We recommend stacking PRE OG with our BCAA, Creatine, and Shroom supplements. BCAAs are the perfect intra-workout drink that can be taken during your workout to support muscle recovery, prevent loss muscle mass, and boost protein synthesis. Creatine can be added to your PRE to regenerate ATP levels and increase muscle energy. Shrooms will improve mental functions, improve oxygen utilization, delay the onset of fatigue, boost athletic performance, and increase ATP production.

PRE OG has 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine from Green Tea and Yerba Mate per serving. Due to the caffeine content, we recommend limiting yourself to no more than 2 servings per day.

PRE OG is our original low-stim, plant-based pre workout formula that was designed to provide clean, sustained energy to help you power through your workouts without the crash or jitters that are typically associated with high stimulations supplements. PRE OG Blue Raz uses high glycemic organic sugar cane for instant energy, while PRE OG Strawberry Shave Ice uses 5g of MCTs as an added energy source.

We always recommend speaking with your physician regarding supplements and pregnancy. Some breastfeeding mothers decide to avoid caffeine all together, while others try to limit their intake. That said, to give you some further information, our PRE contains 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine from Green Tea and Yerba Mate, which is the equivalent of a cup of coffee.

We always recommend speaking with your physician regarding supplements and pregnancy. Having said that, PRE 2.0 is a plant-based pre-workout with 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine from Green Tea and Yerba Mate. One serving of PRE 2.0 is equivalent to a cup of coffee or two cups of tea. We recommend showing our supplement facts panel along with our ingredients to your physician in order to get their recommendation.

Yes, each batch is tested for microbial contaminants. Here's a link for our latest batch: lab results.

Yes! Our PRE is BSCG certified and tested for banned substances.

The BSCG Certified Drug Free® program provides assurance that dietary supplements, natural products, cosmetics, medical devices, or other products are free of banned substances and other drug contaminants that can lead to health concerns or positive drug tests. As part of the program, finished product batches are tested for drugs on the WADA Prohibited List and other banned substance lists in sport as well as prescription, over-the-counter, and illicit drugs not banned in sport.

The BSCG Certified Drug Free® program offers drug testing security to athletes and professionals across the spectrum of WADA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA, PGA, LPGA, MLS, CFL, ATP, WTA, FIFA, FINA, AFL, NRL, NASCAR, UFC, CrossFit, NCAA, military, first responder, and other workplace drug testing programs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 468 reviews
Nando (Pacific Grove, US)
If you don’t get this you’re making a mistake

I’ll get to the point: if you’re the kind of person that wants to feel awake but not jittery, focused but not hyper, and get to that flow state of action as quickly as possible, this is what you want. I’ve almost just fully replaced coffee with pre in the morning, because of how mellow the energy is and how clear it makes me feel. And it’s delicious. Do yourself a favor and get the pog, mix it with fruit and like half a scoop of the bcaa’s, and you’ll have an amazing pre workout smoothie that’ll make you feel great.

Stoked on this in-depth feedback Nando. Steady in that flow state, let's go!

Sean Hellebusch (Seattle, US)
Great preworkout

I've tried a lot of preworkouts over the years and I think I found my favorite. Flavor was great, mixes easily and doesn't have dubious ingredients. I'm glad to see somebody out there is making an all-natural products!

We got the all-natural game on lock Sean. Thanks for the feedback.

Natalie De Leon (Longmont, US)
Best Pre-Workout on the market

I’ve have tried more than enough pre-workouts to know that this is the best one out there.

I was prepared to have a gritty texture and a flavor that I would just have to suffer through and low and behold, none of that is the case.

I got the passion fruit one and it jus dissolves right into the water and fueled me to coach the little ones in jiu jitsu and into my adult fundamentals class, in addition to biking home afterwards.

I am also just stoked to have a clean, simple pre-workout that tastes phenomenal.

Just from this positive experience, I’m about to load up on the Post and Greens powders and so excited to have found this company after dropping my last supplement company.

Great work 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Nothing but clean and delicious PRE-workout to keep you going! Keep educating those little one's, Natalie! Stoked you've found us!

Nelson Guzman (San Jose, US)

Love the taste . Love that I’m not having anxiety attacks at work. Thanks to the ATH team for investing so much energy and passion into this. < 3

Thanks for the feedback Nelson, can't workout if you're having a heart attack! Glad you like our Pre.

Marcos Gutierrez (Moncks Corner, US)
Best Preworkout Out There

Hands down best Pre-Workout on the market. No jitters, no crash, just solid steady and sustained energy. Also, it tastes amazing.

We got you covered Marcos! Thanks for the feedback.