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ATH (ay - ti - eich n.) is the abbreviated version of "athletics."

Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, the brand is the offspring of my three passions: Jiu Jitsu, surfing and lifting weights. After returning home from college in 2012, I couldn't find a sports nutrition company that used real ingredients AND designed products for athletes that enjoyed training hard... so I decided to build it myself.

At first I had no intention of creating an actual company. All I wanted was all-natural, quality supplements to help me train. I ordered 50 pound bags of raw ingredients and mixed the first batch in the kitchen. To help pay for the ingredients, I took it to the gym to see if anyone was interested. My training partners ate it up, literally. At the time (and still), supplements had a laundry list of artificial ingredients and left a bad after taste. Our powders were different. They were made with three simple ingredients: clean high quality protein, natural flavors from food sources (like cocoa powder), and a touch of natural sweeteners (like stevia and lo han fruit extract).

After selling out a few times, I realized we were on to something. I figured it was time to get a legit manufacturer to package it for us. Our first purchase order was placed on a credit card. This forced us to create products that our customer actually wanted (we had to pay off our credit card) and ensured our growth was entirely crowd-funded. By selling directly to the end user, we were able to cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to our customers. This also provided us with valuable feedback to help us improve our products.

Since then we've grown across the nation to athletes who are looking for supplements made from real ingredients and a brand they could trust... 

Stuart Kam


Our promise is to not only have a product that we are proud of, but also a product that respects our community, environment, and customers. Whenever possible, we use organic ingredients. Being organic takes into account sourcing all the way to packaging and is something we believe strongly in. In situations where we can't source organic, we use all natural ingredients. The best analogy we can make of our products is we're like a good grass-fed steak. If you want a clean high quality protein that fuels hardcore training, we're for you.

Our products are FREE of:

✓ Zero Artificial Flavoring
✓ Zero Artificial Sweeteners
✓ Zero Artificial Coloring 

Read more about our quality and banned ingredients.



I have tried countless preworkouts, BCAAs, protein powder, etc. ATH Organics beats them all! Tastes amazing and it works! Lifelong customer from here on out

Rochelle M.

I have been using ATH products for quite sometime now and they have not disappoint. From their quick response on customer service with any questions; to their ingredients they use on every product, ATH products have given me the results I need for my fitness goals without using harmful ingredients. Thank you again ATH team.

Juan P.